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bulletBrendan Shanahan
Not exactly a basketball fan.
bulletJohn Kordic (2)
Tough guy with a fragile ego.
bulletScott Stevens
The new Labatt spokesperson?
bulletStéphane Richer
Future analyst?
bulletGilles Lupien
Skating in circles with a clown suit?
bulletSerge Savard
Never say never!
bulletFred Shero
Deep in the fog!
bulletBobby Clarke
Go Soviets Go!
bulletYvan Cournoyer
Late with the news!
bulletRobert Picard
Mister Pizza.
bulletBob McCammon
Anything to help the team!
bulletMario Lemieux
The recipe to success.
bulletMurray Baron
Who's next?  Mike Tyson?
bulletMarcel Aubut
Scouting was not his forte...
bulletPierre Larouche
Scientific hockey!
bulletStéphane Richer (2)
Very deep...
bulletYvan Cournoyer (2)
A second career as economist?
bulletGilbert Perreault
Had he known...
bulletPatrice Brisebois
Disconnected from reality!
bulletPat Burns
Rules for intermissions.
bulletPete Mahovlich
He will never forgive!
bulletMike Richter
Roadtrips... roadtrips
bulletDonald Brashear
Look who's talking!
bulletJohn Kordic
bulletKelly Chase
Philosophical goon...
bulletDale Hunter
Got milk?
bulletBruce McNall
The king of creative accounting.

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