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bulletMarcel Dionne
bulletPierre Mondou
Not jealous in his new car!
bulletHarold Ballard
The penny pincher...
bulletGerry Cheevers
Any other question?
bulletBob Berry
bulletGordie Howe
Geriatric Hockey League.
bulletBorje Salming
Taking matters into his own hands!
bulletMichel Dion
20/20 vision.
bulletPhil Esposito
Graduate of the Don Cherry school.
bulletMatthew Barnaby
Gorilla guerilla!
bulletSteve Richmond
Future USDA inspector?
bulletLarry Robinson
Urgent: Valium!
bulletScotty Bowman
Wanna bowl?!
bulletGuy Lafleur
Too small for the NHL...
bulletBernard Parent
The check is in the mail.
bulletFloyd Smith
Say what?!
bulletHarry Neale
Home Sweet Home.
bulletJari Kurri
Anything to help...
bulletMurray Eaves
A brainy guy.
bulletDave Schultz
Is that too much to ask?
bulletKevin Dean
You are Wayne Gretzky...
bulletChris Nilan
Beantown guy!
bulletMark Messier
A tad impatient?
bulletPat Burns (2)
Only fools don't change their minds!

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