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Some Bits of Wisdom (aka Perronisms) from Jean Perron who coached the Canadiens and Nordiques!
There are much more Perronisms in the French version of HockeyZone.
Unfortunately, many are impossible to translate to English.
Take our word on it - he's quite a number!

"I think that we took care of the issue at the beginning of the end of last season."

The former Canadiens’ and Nordiques’ coach after goalie Ron Hextall was traded to Québec :

"Ron Hextall’s only weakness is between his legs."

No comments...

The former Canadiens’ and Nordiques’ coach after tough guy John Kordic died of a cocaine overdose:

"John Kordic is living proof that steroids kill."

Early in the 1991 season, as the Nordiques were having lots of difficulties, the former NHL coach is asked if Québec can still make the playoffs :

"We never know. Never throw the towel before killing it!"

"This type of injury is very painful. Especially when it hurts."

"We’re finally starting to see the train at the end of the tunnel."

"The Nordiques should trade to get some rookies with experience."

"The day when the Nords will stop losing, they’ll win much more often."

"When Stéphane Richer plays as per his talent, he could play with both eyes tied to his back!!"

"Those were little monumental mistakes."

Can you say PARADOX?!


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