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HockeyZonePlus has gathered a wealth of information related to the business of hockey:


bulletSalary History
17-year salary history (1989-2006) for more than 2500 NHL players.
bulletPrehistoric Salaries
NHL Salaries from 1927 to 1989.
bulletTop 25
The 25 best paid players for each of the past 15 seasons. The 25 players who accumulated the most money up to each season. Top 25 pay raise, top 25 paycuts.
bulletAverage Salaries
Comparison of NHL average salaries for the past 11 years.
bulletMinor Pro Hockey
Salary structures of minor pro hockey leagues: AHL, IHL, ECHL, CHL, WPHL, WCHL, UHL, QSPHL and Russian League.


bulletSalary History
4-year salary history for NHL coaches.


Total amounts spent on salaries for all NHL teams for different seasons.
Owners of NHL franchises and info on franchise sales.
bulletValue of NHL Franchises
Value of NHL franchises since 1991.
bulletCosts of NHL Arenas
NHL arena construction costs.
bulletNHL Franchise Operation
The expenses and revenues of an NHL franchise.

Say What?!

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On holding out for $6.5M from the Red Wings :
"Itís not about the money.
Itís about what I believe in."

-- Sergei Fedorov - Mid January 1998

After signing a 4-year contract extension worth $9.6M with the Phoenix Coyotes :
"It offers good security for me and my wife."
-- Keith Carney - Mid October 1999

The Flyers forward after agreeing to a $5.1M / 3-year contract:
"Itís not exactly the contract of my dreams. Itís maybe a couple hundred thousand short, but itís a fair compromise."
-- Keith Jones - July 19, 1999

The owner of the Chicago Blackhawks to Ed Snider, the Flyersí owner who had just been booed on the ice by Flyers fans during the All-Star game ceremonies:
"Donít let it bother you, Eddie, just do what I do. Every time Chicago fans boo me, I raise their ticket prices."
-- William Wirtz - 1992 All-Star Game

Surrounded by reporters who were asking him to comment on his negociations with the Habs,
Patrice Brisebois says:
"Listen guys, I only want to be paid what I'm worth. I'm not asking for millions. Uh, excuse me, I meant to say that..."
-- Patrice Brisebois - September 1997

The Leafs' union rep, explaining that NHL players are prepared to sit out for a long time, if needed, and will never accept a hard salary cap:
"There are hundreds of kids coming up who are going to be National Hockey League players. In the end, they deserve a fair shot at a solid marketplace and a chance to earn a decent living."
-- Bryan McCabe -
January 30, 2004
Decent living?! Another NHLer who hasn't been in the real world lately!

The NJ Devilsí player after signing a 3-year contract worth $2M:
"I don't think the deal is fair at all. To be honest about it, I signed because I didn't have any options. I got screwed by the free agency rules because I don't have any rights."
-- Patrik Elias -
November 1999

Visit the FUNNY QUOTES section for hundreds of other funny or stupid quotes from hockey players!


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