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Franchise value and ownership history

Franchise name/location history (most to least recent):
  • Houston Aeros

Franchise Valuation and Ownership History
All amounts in US$ unless otherwise noted.
Season   Value
In today's
Hockey Franchise
Valuation Rank
1972-73 $25,000 $174,976
Paul Deneau bought the original WHA franchise for $25,000. Originally slated to be based in Dayton, OH, the franchise was moved to Houston before it started operations.
Source(s): Book: The Rebel League / Book: Hockey in Dayton
1977-78 $50,000 $241,462
Unable to make payroll, the owners sold the team to a local group. The franchise ultimately folded on July 9, 1978 along with the WHA.
Source(s): Book: The Rebel League