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Franchise value and ownership history

Franchise name/location history (most to least recent):
  • New York Americans
  • Hamilton Bulldogs
  • Quebec Bulldogs

Franchise Valuation and Ownership History
All amounts in US$ unless otherwise noted.
Season   Value
In today's
Hockey Franchise
Valuation Rank
1920-21 $4,500 $68,016
Value in Canadian currency: $5,000. On June 11, 1918, Percy Quinn purchased the inactive Quebec Bulldogs team from Mike Quinn for CAN $5,000 (It was for $4,000 in 1917 according to the book Deceptions and Doublecross.)
Source(s): The Hockey News
1925-26 $75,000 $1,295,182
Having been awarded a NHL franchise (The New York Americans), Bill Dwyer purchased the rights to all the Hamilton Tigers players (the team having been suspended because the players went on strike for higher pay) from Percy Thompson for $US 75,000 (For $100,000 according to another edition of The Hockey News.) The Hamilton Tigers folded.
Source(s): Hockey Pictorial / The Hockey News