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Franchise value and ownership history

Franchise name/location history (most to least recent):
  • Cleveland Barons
  • California Golden Seals
  • Oakland Seals
  • California Seals

Franchise Valuation and Ownership History
All amounts in US$ unless otherwise noted.
Season   Value
In today's
Hockey Franchise
Valuation Rank
1967-68 $2,000,000 $17,547,962
Franchise fee to join the NHL as the Oakland Seals: $US 2M.
Source(s): Book: Power Plays / Book: The Lively World of Hockey / Inside Hockey 1969-70 / Book: The California Golden Seals / Podcast: 50 Years Ago in Hockey / Book: Changing the Game
1969-70 $3,900,000 $31,121,320
Trans-National Communications, Inc. bought the franchise for $US 3.9M from Barry Van Gerbig. (It was bought for $4.5M according to The Sporting News.)
Source(s): Hockey Pictorial Magazine
1970-71 $4,500,000 $33,929,675
Charles O. Finley purchased the franchise for $4.5M from Trans-National Communications, Inc. and renamed them the California Golden Seals.
Source(s): Face Off Hockey Yearbook 1971 / Book: Brian McFarlane's History of Hockey / The Sporting News
1973-74 $6,500,000 $42,850,225
In January 1973, the NHL purchased the team from Charles O. Finley for $6.5M to operate it until a new suitable owner was found.
Source(s): The Sporting News / La Presse
1975-76 $6,500,000 $35,350,242
Mel Swig bought the Oakland Golden Seals from the NHL for $6.5M.
Source(s): Book: The NHL's Mistake by the Lake
1977-78 $6,000,000 $28,975,417
Prior to the season, a group headed by George Gund III bought the Barons from Mel Swig for $6M. ($5.3M according to the book Brian McFarlane's History of Hockey)
Source(s): The Hockey News 1978 Yearbook