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Sports like hockey and casino games share a few similarities. First and foremost, both are highly competitive and require players to apply well-honed skills. Plus, they are thrilling and incredibly entertaining. That is why many professional athletes are casino hoppers.

If you go through a comprehensive list of infamous sportspersons in a country like Canada, you’ll find countless notable figures who love online casino games. You can follow in their steps and enjoy vast opportunities, especially for casinos in Canada offering bonuses.

Nevertheless, here is a list of famous hockey stars who love casino games.

1.   Roberto Luongo

Having amassed a fortune worth over $94 million, Roberto Luongo is an incredibly wealthy retired hockey player. While the legend decided to retire in 2019, he's still active in the NHL and Hockey Canada.

Besides hockey, Luongo is infamous for his love of poker. He’s a colossal poker fanatic and often spends his free time playing this game. Plus, Luongo often participates in different poker tournaments and, after winning, gives everything to charity.

2.   Jaromir Jagr

51-year-old Jaromir is arguably one of the greatest hockey players ever. This star had an extraordinary career in the NHL, where he registered nearly 2,000 points and received many accolades. He retired after the 2017/18 season but didn't stay off the ice for long. In mid-2018, Jagr joined the Kladno Knights and now boasts the most extended playing career.

His hockey career aside, Jaromir Jagr has had a long history with casino gaming. According to different sources, this hockey star loved casino games and frequently visited notable establishments like Bally’s Casino and the Vegas MGM Brand.

3.   Wayne Gretzky

With a gob-smacking net worth of around $250 million, Wayne Gretzky is the richest hockey player in the world. He’s accumulated most of his wealth from a super-successful hockey stint. Though retired, he has broken countless records and won multiple Stanley Cups. He was also part-owner of the Phoenix Coyotes.

Gambling-wise, Gretzky is a crucial figure in the gambling industry. A few years ago, he became a brand ambassador for BetMGM, one of the world's most significant sports betting and online gaming companies. He's also so important in this sector that gamblers have named the Wayne Gretzky poker hand after him.

4.   Adam Foote

Adam Foote, a Colorado Sports Hall of Fame inductee, retired from active play in 2011. But, before taking a bow, he was a formidable defenseman for the Avalanche. Presently, he is engaged with the Vancouver Canucks, where he is the assistant coach, and during his free time, Foote relished some casino action.

But what makes him unique is that he gambles for fun, not to make money. He’s also hosted numerous poker-related celebrity events over the years and contributed immensely to charitable organizations like the Adam Foote Foundation.

Final Notes

Many professional athletes are casino gaming enthusiasts, including hockey players like Roberto Luongo, Jaromir Jagr, Wayne Gretzky, and Adam Foote. It's right to assume that they love casino games because, like their favorite sport, both are just as entertaining and competitive. And what sets them apart from other online casino players is their commitment to charitable contributions.