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Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs have had a fairly good season so far but it has not exactly all been plain sailing. At the time of writing, they’re in third place in the Atlantic Division but their fans will certainly be thinking that they can go on and win this thing.

Are you backing the Toronto Maple Leafs to win their division? Or do you think they’re going to fall short? If they do make it, how far are you backing them in the playoffs? Could they go on to win the Stanley Cup? If you have an opinion on the matter, you should place your bets.

An important thing to remember – for novice and expert bettors alike – is that you should always compare betting odds before you bet. This gives you the insight needed to place bets strategically and in a way that will most likely have the best outcome for you.

Before you do that, however, you’re going to want to read the rest of this article for a little more advice on how far the Maple Leafs can go.

Are they going to do it?
Right now, the two teams ahead of the Maple Leafs are the Florida Panthers and the Tampa Bay Lightning. We need to understand the kind of form these teams are in to figure out whether the Maple Leafs can come back to win the division.

These two teams are looking really, really strong, as you would expect. The Florida Panthers are currently first in the league, while the reigning Stanley Cup champions, the Tampa Bay Lightning, have a game in hand and realistically, we don’t see many teams being capable of stopping the Lightning right now. If you forced us to call the winner of the division and even the Stanley Cup, it might just be them.

Crucial games to come
It’s a stretch to say that the Maple Leafs have a great chance of winning the division, but it isn’t impossible. The possibility remains open because they still have to play both of the teams ahead of them twice before the regular season is over, and in the closing weeks of a long and grueling schedule, fatigue, motivation and injuries can all play a part in throwing up surprises.

On April 5 and April 6, they have back-to-back road games against the Lightning and the Panthers. They probably need to win both of those games to close the gap behind the top two, and they will have another chance to take on their rivals at the end of the month. Two of the Maple Leafs’ last four games are also road trips, against the Lightning on April 22 and the Panthers on April 24.

Winning four road games in a row against the best two teams in the division? Yes, it’s a tough and unlikely achievement, but while the option is there, they will surely want to go for it.

What are their chances for the Stanley Cup?
It’s looking pretty likely that the Maple Leafs will go on to qualify for the playoffs, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and say it’s going to be an easy ride to the Stanley Cup.

Right now, they’re fourth favorites at the bookies. They’re coming in behind the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Florida Panthers. That’s right, the two teams above them in their division. In that sense, it could be said that the winner of the division will carry all the momentum to go on to win the cup.

But let’s not rule out the Carolina Hurricanes. As current third favorites, they’ll really fancy their chances!

Last thoughts on the end of the Toronto Maple Leafs season
It’s going to be really tough. But there’s no reason to think that the Toronto Maple Leafs can’t put together a comeback and win the division and/or the Stanley Cup! Even if they aren’t able to win the division, they are more or less guaranteed to be in the playoffs, and with momentum and a little luck on their side, they have the depth of roster and the ability to go all the way.

The outcome of the season is naturally going to have an effect on the draft for next season as well, so make sure you keep an eye on that as we move into the offseason.

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