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Hockey Fortune: $152,220


Doug Harvey’s net worth / earnings / salary history: Earned US $152,220 (US $1,587,969 in today's dollars), ranking #5326 in NHL / hockey career earnings.

Birthdate: December 19, 1924
Salary History - Doug Harvey
All amounts in US$ unless otherwise noted.
Season   Earnings
In today's
1947-48 $9,000 $122,863
Amount in Canadian currency: $9,000.
Prior to the season, signed a contract with the Montreal Canadiens for a salary of $7,000 and a signing bonus of $2,000. This was his first pro-hockey season.
Source(s): La Presse
1948-49 $7,500 $95,021
Amount in Canadian currency: $7,500.
Signed a one-year contract with the Montreal Canadiens for CAN$7,000. Bonuses: $ 500 if he made the 1st or 2nd NHL All Star Team; $ 500 if goalie Bill Dunham won the Vezina trophy. He did not make an All Star team but earned the bonus for Dunham winning the Vezina.
Source(s): Copy of contract
1959-60 $15,645 $163,535
Amount in Canadian currency: $15,000.
Source(s): The Hockey News
1960-61 $25,775 $265,505
Amount in Canadian currency: $25,000.
1961-62 $27,000 $275,239
On May 31, 1961, signed a three-year contract for $81,000 overall, as a player-coach. (Was a contract for $75,000 overall according to The Sporting News and the book The New York Rangers : Broadway's Longest Running Hit / Earned $25,000 according to another edition of La Presse and the Official Sports Inc Hockey Magazine; earned $30,000 according to the book The Red Kelly Story.)
Source(s): Montreal-Matin / Book: The Lively World of Hockey / Official Sports Inc Hockey Magazine / La Presse / The Hockey News
1962-63 $27,000 $271,964
As player only. (According to the book New York Rangers - Greatest Moments and Players, his salary was increased to $30,000. According to Official Sports Inc Hockey Magazine, he earned $25,000.)
Source(s): Montreal-Matin / Book: The Lively World of Hockey / Official Sports Inc Hockey Magazine / The Hockey News
1963-64 $27,500 $273,653
(Earned $27,000 according to the books The Lively World of Hockey and Gordie.)
Source(s): Montreal-Matin / The Hockey News
1966-67 $12,800 $120,190
Signed AHL contracts with the Baltimore Clippers and, later, Pittsburgh Hornets for $11,000. Was to earn a $ 500 bonus if the team made the AHL playoffs and $ 500 for each additional playoff rounds it reached. Pittsburgh won the AHL championship in 3 rounds, earning him a bonus of $ 1,500. Also got a $ 300 bonus for transportation. He played 2 NHL games for the Detroit Red Wings for an unknown salary.
Source(s): Copy of contracts
1988-89 $0 $0
Amount in Canadian currency: $0.
His yearly NHL pension went up from $6,000 to $8,400 on January 1, 1989. He passed away on December 26, 1989 at age 65.
Source(s): The Hockey News
Career Total: US $152,220
(In today's dollars: US $1,587,969)

NHL Rank: 5326
(In today's dollars: 3696)

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