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NHL Fortune: $3,490,000


Tim Kerr’s net worth / earnings / salary history: Earned US $3,490,000 (US $8,508,404 in today's dollars), ranking #2075 in NHL / hockey career earnings.

Did you know that Gary Bettman has accumulated the largest NHL fortune with $167M?

Salary History
All amounts in US$ unless otherwise noted.
Season   Salary
In today's
1980-81 $10,000 $35,518
Got a signing bonus of $10,000 when he signed his first pro contract, with the Philadelphia Flyers, for an unknown salary.
Source: Tim Kerr on the My Dad Used to Play Hockey podcast
1982-83 $100,000 $303,316
Assumed approximate salary, given that after 1983-84, the Flyers initially offered him a $150,000 contract.
Source: HockeyZonePlus
1983-84 $100,000 $293,876
Assumed approximate salary, given that after the year, the Flyers initially offered him a $150,000 contract.
Source: HockeyZonePlus
1984-85 $175,000 $493,093
During the summer prior to the season, as he was about to enter the option year of his contract, was asking for a four-year contract at $200,000 per season while the Flyers were offering a two-year contract at $150,000 per season. Ended up signing a three-year contract for $175,000 per season.
Source: The Sporting News
1985-86 $330,000 $897,936
Prior to the season, signed a five-year contract with the Philadelphia Flyers for between $320,000 and $340,000 per season.
Source: The Hockey News
1986-87 $330,000 $881,224
Source: The Hockey News
1987-88 $330,000 $850,123
Source: The Hockey News
1988-89 $330,000 $816,768
Prior to the season, was hoping to re-negotiate a new contract for $400,000 per year.
Source: The Hockey News
1989-90 $500,000 $1,180,528 13
(Earne $425,000 according to the Sporting News.)
Source: Canadian Press
1990-91 $285,000 $638,447 108
One-way contract. (Made $428,000 according to the Canadian Press)
Source: The Hockey News
1991-92 $500,000 $1,074,602 69
1992-93 $500,000 $1,042,973 127
Amount includes salary and any signing bonus paid in 1992-93.
Source: The Hockey News / La Presse
Career Total: US $3,490,000
(In today's dollars: US $8,508,404)

NHL Rank: 2075
(In today's dollars: 1587)