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Hockey Fortune: $246,798


Larry Pleau’s net worth / earnings / salary history: Earned US $246,798 (US $1,717,060 in today's dollars), ranking #5019 in NHL / hockey career earnings.

Birthdate: 29-Jun-47
Country of birth: USA
Position: C
Salary History - Larry Pleau
All amounts in US$ unless otherwise noted.
Season   Earnings
In today's
1969-70 $10,318 $85,208
Amount in Canadian currency: $11,107 .
On September 26, 1969, signed a two-year, two-way contract with the Montreal Canadiens: 1969-70 - Signing bonus of $C 2,500 plus $C 10,000 in the NHL and $C 7 ,000 in the minors; 1970-71 - $C 13,000 in the NHL and $C 8,000 in the minors. Bonuses for each season included: $500 if the team finished 1st in the NHL; $300 if the team finished second in the NHL; $500 if he scored 15 or more goals in the NHL; $250 if the team finished first in the minors; $250 if he got more than 15 points in the minors; $250 if management considered that he had a good season in the minors. Played 20 NHL (his first season playing in the league) and 50 AHL games, earning his signing bonus and a pro-rated salary of $C 7,857. Also earned $750 in bonuses in the minors as the team finished 1st, he got over 15 points and had a good season.
Source(s): Copy of contract
1970-71 $12,454 $97,175
Amount in Canadian currency: $13,000 .
Played the whole season in the NHL but did not earn any bonus.
Source(s): Copy of contract
1971-72 $14,025 $104,922
Amount in Canadian currency: $14,167 .
Two-way contract, earning CAN $15,000 in the NHL and an unknown salary in the NHL. Played 55 NHL and 11 AHL, earning a pro-rated salary (assuming a $10,000 salary in the AHL) of approximately $14,167. (Earned CAN $20,000 according to the book The Whalers.)
Source(s): The Hockey Research Journal / Book: Slim and None
1972-73 $90,000 $651,865
On April 18, 1972, signed a three-year contract with the New England Whalers of the World Hockey Association for $180,000 overall, "many fringe benefits in the promotional area" and $30,000 in signing bonus. The first season's salary was also paid upfront. (According to the book Slim and None, it was a three-year contract at $30,000 per year. According to The Hockey Research Journal, it was a one-way three-year contract for $30,000, $40,000 and $50,000.)
Source(s): Book: The Whalers / The Sporting News / La Presse
1973-74 $60,000 $409,324
(Earned $30,000 according to the book Slim and None.)
Source(s): Book: The Whalers / The Sporting News / La Presse
1974-75 $60,000 $368,566
(Earned $30,000 according to the book Slim and None; Earned $45,000 according to another edition of La Presse.)
Source(s): Book: The Whalers / The Sporting News / La Presse
Career Total: US $246,798
(In today's dollars: US $1,717,060 )

NHL Rank: 5019
(In today's dollars: 3542)

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