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Hockey Fortune: $2,308,000


Vaclav Nedomansky’s net worth / earnings / salary history: Earned US $2,308,000 (US $9,075,563 in today's dollars), ranking #2534 in NHL / hockey career earnings.

Birthdate: March 14, 1944
Country of birth: Czech Republic
Position: C
Salary History - Vaclav Nedomansky
All amounts in US$ unless otherwise noted.
Season   Earnings
In today's
1974-75 $150,000 $890,387
Signed five-year contract with the Toronto Toros of the WHA for $750,000 overall. His first year playing in North America. (According to La Presse, it was $700,000 over five years.)
Source(s): Book: Les Stastny / Book: Breakaway
1975-76 $150,000 $815,775
With the Toronto Toros of the WHA
Source(s): Book: Les Stastny / Book: Breakaway
1976-77 $150,000 $771,481
With the Birmingham Bulls of the WHA
Source(s): Book: Les Stastny / Book: Breakaway
1977-78 $150,000 $724,385
With the Birmingham Bulls of the WHA and Detroit Red Wings of the NHL. (Earned $160,000 or $200,000 according to various editions of The Sporting News and $140,000 according to the Gazette.)
Source(s): Book: Les Stastny / Book: Breakaway
1978-79 $150,000 $673,080
Source(s): Book: Les Stastny / Book: Breakaway
1979-80 $150,000 $604,919
Prior to the season, his agents negotiated a 15-year guaranteed deal with the Detroit Red Wings GM: Salary of $250,000 for each of the first four seasons followed by a $60,000 yearly salary that would increase annually by $10,000 until 1993?94. The deal also assured him of a front-office job with the Red Wings once he retired as a player. As directed by his agent Alan Eagleson, he waited until the next day to sign the contract at a press conference. The next day, after being pressured by other NHL owners, the Red Wings owner refused to actually sign the contract. Ended up playing the 1979-80 season without a contract assumed to be for $150,000 as in the previous season and sued his agent for $1M+ for negligence by misleading him into thinking the contract was signed. Subsequently, in 1984, a judge from the Ontario Supreme Court rejected the damages claim, ordering Nedomansky to pay Eagleson $71,000, along with additional undisclosed fees to cover his legal costs.
Source(s): Book: Breakaway / HockeyZonePlus
1980-81 $350,000 $1,243,114
Prior to the season signed a four-year, plus one year option, contract with the Detroit Red Wings for $1.4M for the first four years. The contract had a clause allowing the Red Wings to buy out the contract for 60% of the remaining value.
Source(s): Book: Breakaway
1981-82 $770,000 $2,478,872
After the season, per the clause in his contract, the Detroit Red Wings bought out the two remaining seasons on his contract for $420,000 (60% of the $700,000 remaining to be paid). Earned his salary of $350,000 and $420,000 buyout.
Source(s): Book: Breakaway
1982-83 $288,000 $873,550
Retired as a pro hockey player after the season.
Source(s): Hockey Illustrated Special 1982-83
2010-11 $0 $0 832
Through the firm Classic Auctions, sold for $25,000 of personal hockey memorabilia.
Source(s): The Globe and Mail
Career Total: US $2,308,000
(In today's dollars: US $9,075,563)

NHL Rank: 2534
(In today's dollars: 1533)