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Published in the Toronto Star
December 22, 2006

In this article, the Toronto Star credits as the source.

Article below and also available on the Toronto Star website.

Jagr tops NHL earnings chart

December 22, 2006

The folks at, who perhaps have a little too much time on their hands, have produced an NHL salary index that declares Jaromir Jagr the richest player in league history, with Leaf captain Mats Sundin ranked fourth. The index tracks salaries back to the 1989-90 season, so the likes of Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux only have salaries counting for the last half of their careers. But NHL salaries really didn't take off until after the 1994 collective agreement and Gretzky's biggest paydays occurred in his final seasons, so the resource paints a reasonably accurate portrait of the wealthiest players as well as who earns what this season. The site adds up all the money the players have earned in their careers, and takes into account things like time players lost during the 1994 lockout and rollbacks they suffered following the 2004-05 lockout. Here are the lists, so talk amongst yourselves about who on this list is overpaid, or underpaid.

The Leafs
Career $
Career %
 M. Sundin  $68,542,632  J. Jagr  $89,678,851
 B. McCabe  $25,683,000  J. Sakic  $80,424,047
 M. Peca  $22,099,272  K. Tkachuk  $70,348,674
 J. O'Neill  $16,955,000  M. Sundin  $68,542,632
 P. Kubina  $14,489,000  P. Bure  $66,369,794
 T. Kaberle  $13,019,043  R. Blake  $65,987,982
 H. Gill  $10,391,000  M. Modano  $65,837,650
 D. Tucker  $10,255,623  N. Lidstrom  $65,465,000
 C. Kilger  $8,875,930  P. Forsberg  $65,405,213
 W. Belak  $6,724,800  P. Kariya  $64,686,100
 B. Battaglia  $4,480,000  S. Yzerman  $64,672,616
 N. Antropov  $4,199,000  C. Pronger  $59,950,500
 J.S. Aubin  $4,000,000  M. Messier  $59,542,008
 A. Raycroft  $3,100,000  B. Leetch  $59,501,250
 M. Stajan  $2,555,600  P. Roy  $56,771,988
 C. Colaiacovo  $2,031,740  B. Shanahan  $56,615,000
 A.Ponikarovsky  $1,697,500  T. Selanne  $56,357,790
 K. Wellwood  $1,427,000  S. Fedorov  $55,439,036
 A. Steen  $770,180  D. Hasek  $53,892,300
 A. Suglobov  $550,000  A. Yashin  $53,882,744
 I. White  $513,00  Brett Hull  $52,355,000
 A. Wozniewski  $475,000  P. Turgeon  $52,330,000
 J. Pohl  $450,000  J. Roenick  $51,773,000
B. Bell $450,000 D. Weight $50,854,775

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